De Archative Hub designs are very popular in Pakistan. People who want to decorate their homes with modern furniture and accessories can find them here. You will also find other things such as kitchen design, living room design and so on.


Modern Home Designs

Modern home designs are the most appealing to homeowners, as they offer an aesthetic that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. These homes can be designed to fit the needs of your household or even the specific needs of your family members. Modern home design trends have evolved over time into many different types of styles, each with its own unique features.

Modern Home Design Trends:

  • Open floor plans – This style allows for easy circulation throughout the house while still allowing you to enjoy some privacy within your living space. By providing separate spaces like bedrooms and bathrooms, this type of design allows you more flexibility when decorating each area so they look unique from one another while still maintaining consistency throughout all rooms in which they’re located within an open floor plan setting; however, if this option isn’t available then another option would be having fewer walls (either by removing them completely or simply painting them white).

Front Elevations in Pakistan

Front Elevation is the first impression of your home. It’s the face of your house and it will spend most of its time being viewed by visitors. If you have an ugly front elevation, then no amount of interior design can save you from looking like an eyesore!

Front Elevations are usually developed after architectural drawings have been finalized and approved by building authorities (if applicable). Then they are submitted to architects who draw up accurate plans based on this information before construction begins.

Decorating Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of your home. It’s where family gatherings and meals are planned, it’s where friends and guests come to visit, and it’s where you spend most of your time at home.

Decorating a kitchen should be treated with as much care as decorating any other room in your house—you want people to feel comfortable in there!

There are many ways to go about decorating a space like this: from using colourful motifs throughout the space (such as flowers or plants), to employing light sources such as candles or small lamps that provide soft lighting without being too bright; all the way down until deciding what type of material should be used for countertops and furniture pieces around the – wood? Stainless steel? Marble? You could even try out wooden table legs instead of metal ones if they’re more budget-friendly!

Interior Decoration

Interior decoration is the art of making your home look stylish and beautiful. It’s about making your home look like a real estate agent’s dream house, without actually being one.

The first thing to do when decorating your home is to decide on the type of interior decoration that you want. There are many kinds of interior decorations available today, but there are also some common types that everyone should know about:

  • Traditional – This style involves putting up pictures or paintings on walls and ceilings while keeping furniture simple so people don’t feel overwhelmed by too much detail. This can be done by hanging framed prints or posters in large numbers (e.g., five pictures). The main idea behind this type of decoration is simplicity rather than brilliance; if someone wants something more stunningly beautiful they will simply move somewhere else within their house!
  • Contemporary – Contemporary interiors tend toward minimalism rather than extravagance; they often use bright colours instead of pastel shades because these make rooms seem larger than they really are due to how our eyes perceive colour strongly related to the lightness/darkness ratio

Drawing Room Decoration

When it comes to the drawing room, you can use a lot of different decorations. You should choose the right lighting and color scheme. The wall decorations are an important part of this room because they create a nice atmosphere and give character to the whole space.

The carpeting must be designed in such a way that it doesn’t distract from other furniture items in your house while still being comfortable enough so visitors will feel at home there too.

Accessories like plants or flower vases will make your home look better by adding color and life into every corner of it!

Home Front Design

Home Front Design:

Home Front Design is the most important part of your house. It is the first impression that you give to people when they see your home. So, it has to be attractive and attractive enough to catch the attention of visitors and passers-by who will come after seeing this design. Here are some ideas for designing a perfect front elevation:

  • Choose proper colors for interior decoration
  • Make sure that they blend well with other parts of the house
  • Keep in mind that it should be able to create balance between light and dark tones
  • Select furniture pieces which complement each other


All the above mentioned modern home designs will give you a new look at your home. You can use these designs as inspiration for your own house decoration or even for interior decoration of your office.

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